Disease Categories / Sexually-Transmitted

Diseas Scope Incubation
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Global Median 10 days for symptoms; Antigen/antibody assay becomes detectable about 2-3 weeks after infection; 99% of patients have reactive assays within 6 weeks of infection; In rare cases, it may take up to 6 months to develop antibodies to HIV; [CDC Travel]
Chancroid Common in tropical and subtropical regions with occasional outbreaks in the USA; [CCDM] Rarely seen in the USA except in occasional urban outbreaks; [PPID, p. 1447] 3-5 days; up to 2 weeks reported; [CCDM]
Chlamydial urethritis and cervicitis Global Probably about 7 days to 2 weeks; [CCDM] Within 4 days for about 50% of men with NGU; [PPID, p. 1455] 7-14 days for NGU versus 4 days for gonococcal urethritis; [PPID, p. 2310]
Genital herpes Global 2-12 days; [CCDM]
Gonorrhea Global 2-14 days for male urethritis and usually >10 days for female cervicitis; [Merck Manual, p. 1704]
Granuloma inguinale Endemic in tropical/subtropical countries including central & northern Australia; southern India; Papua New Guinea; Guyana, Vietnam and occasionally in Latin America, Caribbean islands, and central, eastern & southern Africa; [CCDM] 7 days to 4 weeks; range of 3 days to 6 months; [Guerrant, p. 964] Probably from 1 to 16 weeks; [CCDM]
Hepatitis B Global; Endemic areas (carrier rates of >10%) include Asia & sub-Saharan Africa; A chronic progressive disorder in high-prevalence areas; [PPID, p. 1556] 90 days (60-150 days); [CDC Travel]
Human T-cell lymphotropic virus infection Both HTLV-1 and ATL are endemic in southwestern Japan and the Caribbean; [Harrisons, p. 298] Endemic in central Africa, Caribbean, parts of S. America, Japan & other focal areas; [PPID, p. 2185] 50-60 years for signs and symptoms of disease; [CCDM, p. 303] Most HAM/TSP cases occur in adults in the 30- to 50- year age group, but cases in children as young as 3 have been reported; [Cecil, p. 2204]
Lymphogranuloma venereum Endemic in Arica, India, Southeast Asia, South America, and the Caribbean; [Cecil, p. 1980] Increasing incidence since 2003 in developed countries among HIV-infected males with proctitis; [CCDM, p. 370] 3 days to 4 weeks for primary lesion; 10 days to months for buboes; [CCDM]
Molluscum contagiosum Global 19-50 days (after experimental inoculation); 7 days to 6 months (from clinical reports); [CCDM, p. 415]
Papillomavirus infections (anogenital) Global As long as two years (usually 3-4 months); [Harrison ID, 2nd Ed, p. 821] 1-20 months (usually 2-3 months); [CCDM]
Pelvic inflammatory disease Global Estimated: 1 day to many weeks or months;
Phthirus pubis infestation Global 7-8 days (egg incubation); 17-22 days (life span); [PPID, p. 3484]
Proctitis, sexually-transmitted Global Estimated: 1 day to several weeks;
Syphilis Global 3 weeks (10-90 days); [ABX Guide] Chancre (lasts 4-6 weeks and incubation rarely exceeds 6 weeks); Secondary syphilis (lasts 2-6 weeks and appears 6-8 weeks after chancre heals); [Harrison ID, p. 659-60]
Trichomoniasis Global 5-28 days; [CCDM]