Disease Categories / Trematodes

Diseas Scope Incubation
Clonorchiasis C. sinensis in China except NW; Japan (rarely), Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and probably Laos and Cambodia; [CCDM] Flukes reach maturity about one month after ingestion of encysted larvae; [CCDM]
Fascioliasis Sheep and cattle areas of the world; Sporadic cases in the USA; Hyperendemic in Andean highlands of Bolivia and Peru; Outbreaks have occurred in other countries; [CCDM] Acute symptoms may occur 4-7 days after exposure; Chronic symptoms may begin months to years after exposure; [CCDM] Eggs detectable in stool about 1-2 months after first symptoms; [PPID, p. 3459]
Fasciolopsiasis Pig-raising areas of southeastern Asia, especially central and south China, Thailand, and some areas of India; [CCDM] 3 months from ingestion to appearance of eggs in stool; [CCDM];
Heterophyiasis Endemic to the Far East, Middle East, and Egypt; [Merck Manual, p. 1721] H. heterophyes: Nile delta, Tunisia, Turkey, and Iran; M. yokogawai: most prevalent in Far East; [PPID, p. 3460]] Adults produce eggs in about 9 days; [PPID, p. 3460]]
Opisthorchiasis O. felineus in E. Europe, SE Asia and Siberia; O. viverrini in Thailand, W. Malaysia, and Laos; [ID, p. 2381] 1 month after ingestion of encysted larvae for flukes to reach maturity; [CCDM]
Paragonimiasis Asia, Africa, and Latin America; Endemic in China (22 million infected); Rare in N. America; Eliminated from Japan; [CCDM] Far East, South Asia, Philippines, West Africa, Central & South America & USA; [PPID, p. 3452t] 7-12 weeks from ingestion until eggs appear in sputum; [CCDM]
Schistosomiasis, hepatic and intestinal S. mansoni in Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Brazil, Suriname, Venezuela, and some Caribbean islands; S. japonicum in China, the Philippines, and Sulawesi in Indonesia; [CCDM] 2-6 weeks for Katayama fever; [CCDM, p. 554] First eggs in stool 1-3 months after exposure; [Merck Manual, p. 1723]
Schistosomiasis, urinary Urinary schistosomiasis is endemic in most of Africa with low risk in North Africa, the Middle East, India, and Bangladesh; [CDC Travel] 2-6 weeks for Katayama fever; [CCDM, p. 554] First eggs in stool 1-3 months after exposure; [Merck Manual, p. 1723]