Disease Categories / Tissue Nematodes

Diseas Scope Incubation
Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection SE Asia, Pacific Is. (Guam, American Samoa, Hawaii); cases in Ivory Coast, Cuba, Reunion, and Louisiana; [ID, p. 2375] Mainly in Southeast Asia & South Pacific; Also in Caribbean, Brazil, and Louisiana; [Cecil, p. 2135] 2-35 days after ingestion of larvae; [Harrison ID, p. 1129]
Capillaria hepatica Only 30 case reports in the world: North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and some Pacific islands; [CCDM] 3 weeks to 1 month; [CCDM]
Cutaneous larva migrans In the USA, most common in the Southeast, especially in sandy, shady beaches or under houses; [PPID, p. 3475] Most travel cases associated with the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, & S. America on beaches/sandboxes where domestic animals may roam. [CDC Travel] Usually a few days after penetration of larvae; [CCDM]
Dracunulosis Has been eliminated from 16 formerly endemic countries; Still endemic in Ethiopia, Chad, Mali, and South Sudan; [CCDM] The 4619 cases reported in 2008 is a 99.9% reduction from the 3.5 million cases in 1986. [Guerrant, p. 761] About 10-14 months; [CCDM]
Gnathostomiasis Mainly in Thailand, India, Japan, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam; Also in Mexico, Ecuador, and single report in Zambia; US and European cases usually imported from SE Asia; [Guerrant, Ch. 112] 3-4 weeks; [CCDM]
Trichinellosis Global 8-15 days (range of 5-45 days) for period from ingestion to onset of systemic symptoms; [CCDM]
Visceral larva migrans Global Weeks to months; Shorter incubation (hours to days) reported after raw liver ingestion; [CCDM]