Disease Categories / Gastroenteritis--Noninflammatory

Diseas Scope Incubation
Balantidium coli infection Global; Most common in Latin America, Southeast Asia , and the Middle East; [Gorbach, p. 419] A few days (estimated); [CCDM]
Blastocystis hominis infection Global
Cholera Endemic in much of Africa and South & Southeast Asia; Endemic in Hispaniola since 2010;; From 2010-2016, 107 confirmed cases of cholera in the United States were acquired abroad.; [CDC Travel] Few hours to 5 days (usually 2-3 days); [CCDM]
Cryptosporidiosis Global; One study found more commonly reported in travelers returning from Asia (particularly India) and Latin America; [CDC Travel] 1 week with range of 1-30 days; [Cecil, p. 2103]
Cyclospora cayetanensis infection Global; Tropical and subtropical regions; Summers in Nepal; North American outbreaks linked to imported fresh produce; [CDC Travel] About one week; Range of 1-11 days; [PPID, p. 3422]
Dientamoeba fragilis infection Global
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) Global 1-10 days; usually 3-4 days; [CDC Travel]
Gastroenteritis, viral Global 10-50 hours (Norovirus); 1-3 days (Rotavirus); [CCDM]
Giardiasis Global; Increased risk for travelers who visit areas with contaminated food or water; Endemic worldwide; Risk increases with duration of travel; [CDC Travel, p. 213] 1 week to 10 days; range of 3-25 days or possibly longer; [CCDM]