Disease Categories / Gastroenteritis--Inflammatory

Diseas Scope Incubation
Campylobacter enteritis Global 2-5 days; range of 1-10 days; [CCDM]
Clostridium difficile colitis Global From the time of the initiation of antibiotics to several weeks after the discontinuation of antibiotics; [PPID, p. 2940]
Entamoeba histolytica infection Global; More prevalent in tropical areas with poor sanitation, and long-term travelers more likely to get infected; [CDC Travel] Usually 2 weeks to 1 month; May be several months or years; [CCDM]
Salmonellosis Global 12-36 hours; range of 6-72 hours; [CCDM]
Shigellosis Global; Shigella sp. in stools of about 5-18% of patients with travelers' diarrhea; [CDC Travel, p. 341] Outbreaks occur in the setting of overcrowding and poor personal hygiene; [CCDM, p. 558] Usually 1-3 days; 12 hours to one week for S. dysenteriae type 1; [CCDM]
Vibrio parahemolyticus infection Global (marine coastal environments in warm months); Most outbreaks have been reported in Japan, southeast Asia, and the USA; 1998 outbreaks in the USA were linked to raw oysters and this strain emerged in South America and Africa; [CCDM] 4-96 hours; Usually about 24 hours; [CCDM]
Yersiniosis Most common in northern Europe (Scandinavia), Japan, and Canada; [CDC Travel] 4-6 days (range of 1-14 days); [CDC Travel]