Disease Categories / Foodborne Intoxications

Diseas Scope Incubation
Bacillus cereus food intoxication Global Preformed toxin: 1-6 hours; Diarrheal toxin: 8-16 hours; [Harrisons, p. 404]
Botulism Global Foodborne: 12 hours to 1.5 days (range of 2 hours to 8 days); Infant: up to 30 days (estimated); Inhalation: similar to foodborne; Wound: 4-14 days; [CCDM, p. 73]
Ciguatera fish poisoning Where large reef fish are eaten; Very localized and time-limited outbreaks occur; [CCDM, p. 224] GI symptoms: 2-6 hrs; Neuro: 3 hrs; Heart: 2-5 days; [Foodborne Illnesses. MMWR. April 16, 2004] Usually within 24 hours; [CCDM]
Clostridium perfringens food intoxication Global Usually 10-12 hours (range of 6-24 hours); [CCDM]
Puffer fish poisoning Most cases are in Japan. [CCDM] Within several hours of eating; [CCDM, p. 226] Within 60 minutes in fatal cases; [Cecil, p. 693]
Scombroid fish poisoning Global Within a few hours of eating fish; [CCDM]
Shellfish poisoning, amnesic-neurotoxic Global Few minutes to hours (neurotoxic); 24 hours to 2 days (amnesic);
Shellfish poisoning, paralytic Global 30 minutes to 3 hours
Staphylococcal food intoxication Global 1-6 hours; [Harrisons, p. 404]